I look at the blank paper in front of me, then at the clock, then back to the paper, then back to the clock. My eyes are drooping and my neck is slouching as if my head was a pound of bricks. I barely have the energy to sit up, much less write a new post in one night. Tick, tick, tick, the clock’s hand is moving at a snail’s pace as if to mock me. I write down my name, this is progress, I convince myself. Just as things seem to be looking up, my pen slips out of my hand. I look down at it, unable or rather unwilling to pick it up, I get a new pen from my drawer. Okay. New pen equals new mindset, I tell myself. The blank paper stares back at me almost in disbelief that it will ever be covered with writing. I look at the sheet, I look at the clock. I give up.


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